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Search parameters

This is the main request of the service, and it returns a list of complex products (with images, offers, etc.) matching a search string. The arguments are passed as query parameters.

HTTP format

Query parameters​

qTextUsers’ search string. The maximum length is 2,047 bytes, the remainder will be discarded. The parameter needs to be URL encoded. Quote operator and negated terms are supported.
kInteger?Number of results to return (default 10) between 1-100.
filterSkuTextRemove products from the result that matches the given stock keeping unit (SKU). Multiple SKUs can be delimited with |. For example, filterSku=52293|182491 ensure that no product with SKU 52293 or 182491 are included in the results. A match is counted if the SKU starts with the given filter, so in the previous example the SKU 52293-v2 would also get removed.
filterMpnTextSee filterSku.
filterGtinTextSee filterSku.