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Url request

This request is used to redirect from internal URLs that is used for tracking traffic to external URLs. External URLs are not otherwise visible in search results. There is normally no need to manually call this request since this request is accessible for end-users (without custom headers). However, when the results are reordered we ask you to update the rp parameters to reflect this update.

HTTP format

Query parameters

Only the result position parameter (rp) can be modified. The remaining query parameters should be left as is, they track for example the product id, session token, etc.

rpIntegerPosition of the Product in the ResultList. When reordering the results then this should reflect the new order of the item. For example, if an item returned from Theca was originally at position 1, but after reordering in the front-end to 3rd position the new rp-parameter should be 2 instead of 1.

Example requests

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Connection: close